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$14/monthbill annually, or $18 bill montly100100,0005,00020025GB


$39/monthbill annually, or $44 bill montly1002,000,00010,000500100GB


Contact uscustomize to your business requirements100+2,000,000+10,000+500+100GB+

* Pricing is in USD. Payment process are encrypted. All major credit cards are accepted

Frequently asked questions

Is it free to use Inverr?

Yes, with Hobby plan, you can publish and customize your online website. Integrate custom services, fonts, icons, images and more

What different about Pro membership?

Pro member allows connecting to your custom domain, with Inverr logo removed on your website. Besides, Pro member can access premiums tools and templates

How to connect my domain name?

To connect to your custom domain name, first, you need to update your project's domain. Then, create a CNAME record pointing to

How to make a website mobile-friendly?

Our website layouts are automatically scaling with the device. It helps mobile and tablet friendly. Inverr Editor also makes it easy to customize the mobile experience.

How do I make a website appear on Google?

Inverr takes care of technical matters to increase your website's chances to appear on Google. All you have to do is set up pages through Page Settings

Can I create landing pages?

Yes, you can start any kind of website with Inverr. You can create beautiful and responsive landing pages. You can also use Form to get messages from visitors