Integrate Yandex Metrica

You can add Yandex Metrica to measure and learn more about your visitors. Before integrating Yandex Metrica, make sure you already have:

To integrate Yandex Metrica, navigate to your website's Designer, then:

  1. On the top left, click on the menu

  2. Then click Integrations to open Integration dashboard

  3. Find Yandex Metrica and toggle to enable.

  4. Enter your Yandex Metrica Tracking ID, then click Save to complete

    • If your website has Static Mode (enabled by default), you will need to re-publish the website. To re-publish, click on Preview (located at the top-right screen), then click Publish
  5. Now, Yandex Metrica is active on your website. To confirm, visit your website, then view real-time visitors from the Yandex Metrica dashboard

Note: It could take a few hours to show results if your Yandex Metrica or the tracking id is new

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