Submit data with Form

You can use Forms to collect data submissions (i.e contact, question) from users. Before connecting, make sure you have already connect to your database

This guide will show how to:

Assuming you're working with the below Contact page

Connect form to a data query

When a form is connected to a query, its data submission will be sent to the selected data table. Make sure you have already create a data query or re-use any other query that have the same database connection. Forms won't consider query condition, sorting and limiting

To connect form to a query:

  1. Select the form, then navigate to Connect panel
  2. Under CONNECT TO TABLE, select your Data Query
  3. Your form is now connected to the query

Connect form inputs to data fields

When submiting a form, it will get submited data from connected inputs, then sent to the selected data table.

To connect a text input to a data field:

  1. Select the text, then navigate to Connect panel
  2. Under CONNECT TO FIELD, select a field from the drop down
  3. Your text element is now connected to a field

Now, you have connected the Contact from to a contacts table on your database. Once users click the submit button, it will send the information to the selected table.