Use media block

You can use media blocks can be used to display images. Whether a photo from Unsplash library or uploaded from your computer.

In this document, you'll learn how to

  1. How to add a photo
  2. How to style an image

1. Add a photo block

You can insert an image similar to other elements.

  1. From the Search to insert search box, click to show the element panel
  2. Select an image, or enter /p {keyword} (replace {keyword} with an actual keyword, i.e moutain) to search for an image. Then drag it into your page, and drop them where you want to place it.
  3. Your text block is now inserted

2. Style a photo block

You can style a text block through Toolbar, or Styles panel. Similar to styling any other elements, those options allow you to update the font, style, colors, padding margin, and more.

Besides, you can resize (height/width) by moving your mouse to each corner of the photo. Then click and drag the resize handler.

Now, you know how to add and style a media block.

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