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Layout tab from Inverr Designer

A layout is usually a container block, contains a group of related blocks. For example, a post layout contains a title (text), a description (text), a coverPhoto (image). Layouts are pre-designed, help you to quickly draft web pages, and without design experience.

There are 40+ layouts, with more are coming. They're sorted into categories such as Header, Navigation (menu), Features, Content, and Footers.

To insert a layout:

  1. Open Designer to edit your page,
  2. Open layout tab from the Designer tabs (located on the higher left as the photo above)
  3. Scroll to choose a layout you need, then click and drag it to your desire location.
  4. Wait a second and your layout will be inserted

Now, you've understood about layout, how to find and insert a layout from our Layout library.

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