Find and install an app

Our apps are available in the Appstore. After choosing an app, you can view the details, live preview, or launch by installing it.

Install an app

Make sure you have already logged in, or create an account if you don't have one

To install an app, navigate to the app details page in the Appstore:

  1. Click the Install button to start installing. It will take you to the installation page
  2. Enter the basic information, including domain, name, description. Then click Next
  3. Choose where to store your data. You can either use Inverr's database service or connect to your own
  4. Click Complete to finish. Now your app should be live and accessible via the domain name you set up earlier

Note that after installation, the system will create necessary tables and insert records (if selected when setting up the database) in the target database for you

Now, you know how to find and install an app from the Appstore

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