Getting started with Inverr's Editor

Editor is where you create, design, and publish web pages.

How to design a website?

Similar to a completed lego set, a website was built by many blocks put together. Those blocks are container, text, image and more.

When a group of related blocks put together, it's a layout. For example, a post layout will have a container, with a title (text), a description (image), a cover photo (image).

To design a website, you simply arrange these blocks, set colors, spacing, border, and so on. Or, you can use a layout from our Layout library and customize it to fit your style.

How to publish a website?

Whenever you made some changes, you need to Publish to allow your page to reflect those changes. To publish a webpage:

  1. From the Editor's top right navigation, click right next to Preview
  2. A drop down will appear, choose Publish
  3. Once it's done, visit your page to see changes

More details in this section:

Let us know if you have any questions, or requests.