Add Facebook App ID to register your website

We support to registering your website with Facebook by using fb:app_id meta tag with your App ID. Before getting started, make sure you already have:

To add Facebook's App ID, navigate to your website's Editor, then:

  1. On the top navigation, next to page's title, click

  2. Then click Integrations to open Integration dashboard

  3. Find Facebook App ID and switch on. It will open Facebook App ID modal (or click Setting)

  4. Enter your Facebook App ID, then click Save to complete

    • If your website has Static Mode (enabled by default), you will need to re-publish the website. To re-publish, click on Preview (located at the top-right screen), then click Publish
  5. Now, the App ID should be added to your website. To confirm, visit your website, right-click on the browser, and choose View Page Source. Then search the App ID using Control + F on Windows, or Command + F on MacOS.