Create a Google Analytics account

Google Analytics allows you to measure and learn more about your website's visitor. This Help Center will help you to open a Google Analytics account and get a tracking id

Create an account

  1. Visit Google Analytics, then login with your Google account (or create one). You'll be redirect to "Create account" page.

  2. In the Account setup section:

    • Account name: Your website's name
    • (data sharing checkboxes): Disable options you don't need
    • Click Next
  3. In the What do you want to measure section:

    • Choose Web then click Next
  4. In the Property setup section:

    • Website name: Your website's name
    • Website URL: Your website's URL address
    • Industry Category (optional): Choose a category your website belong to
    • Reporting Time Zone (optional): Choose your timezone (help define time a date start and end)
    • Click Create and accept the Agreement conditions to complete
  5. Now you can enable/disable the one you need. Click on the integration link above for more details

Get tracking id

If you have been following the steps above, you will be redirect to a Property page. You can see a Tracking ID with the following format UA-xxxxxxxxxx-x

Otherwise, if you have not following the steps above, and already created a tracking page. To get a tracking id, you will:

  1. On the bottom left of the screen, click Admin, it will navigate to Admin page
  2. Now, on the Account column, click to open the select list and select the target account
  3. On the Property column, click to open the select list and _select the target property
  4. Then on the same Property column, select Tracking Info > Tracking Code
  5. You will find the Tracking ID

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