Connect to Google Sheets

You can connect to your own database, which allows you to display dynamic content, submitting forms, specify who can access it. This document will show you how to authenticate Inverr with your Google Account, then connect to a Google Sheet.

For other databases, see MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB, or Google Firestore

Authenticate Inverr with Google Account

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You'll need to authorize our access, to allow Inverr to manage (view, create, update) Google Sheets on your behalf. See the list of permissions below.

To authorize access, from the Database view:

  1. Select Add connection
  2. From Add Connection, choose Google Sheets
  3. Then, click Authorize with Google. It'll open a new window to let you log in to your Google Account and grant access to "Sheets for Inverr Platform".
  4. After access was granted, come back to the previous Add Connection window. Then click Refresh to complete.

Now, you'll be able to connect to any spreadsheet from your account.

Connect to a Google Spreadsheet

To create a new connection, from the Database view:

  1. Select Add connection
  2. From Add Connection, choose Google Sheets
  3. It will show a list of your Google Sheets, choose the one you want to connect.
  4. Click Create to create a new connection.
  5. Now, navigate to the main view Go back, the new connection should appear on the database list.

Access Permissions

These access permissions include:

  • List files from your Google Drive (to list and allow you to choose a Google Sheets)
  • View, update, create a Google Sheet file (to display, update data from Inverr)

Note that we don't store your spreadsheet files, or anything related to your Google Account.

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