Basic analytics

Analytics will give you some insights about your visitor. You can view those analytics insights from either the Dashboard, or more details from the project Editor.

1. Basic analytics

The basic analytics is a bar chart, shows the number of visitors each day in the last 7 days. To view basic analytics, from the Dashboard:

  1. Locate the analytics view on the bottom left of the website's preview image (or in case the website has no preview image).
  2. Use your mouse and hover each bar, it will show Date and the number of visitors within the same date
  3. Now, you know how many visits your website has over the last 7 days

2. Detail insights

The detail insights will help you understand more about your visitors' with a custom range of past dates. For example, demographic, and which website they come from (if it wasn't a direct visit).

Details insight Screenshot of the Editor's Overview insight

To open the detail insights, navigate to your Editor:

  1. Click the menu on the top left, then choose "Open Editor"
  2. Navigate to "Overview" tab (selected by default).

Now, you will see the detail insights

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