Add a new page

You can add more pages to your website. For example, a contact page to receive inquiries from your visitors, portfolio page for showcasing your works, etc.

To add a new page, navigate to your website Designer:

  1. On the top left navigation, click {page's name}

  2. Then click Add page to open the "Create a new webpage" modal.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Page's name: visible on social media, search engine, and browser's tab
    • Page's URL: will be used as
    • Description (optional): visible on social media or search engine
    • Featured photo (optional): visible when shared on social media
    • Choose a template (optional) by click on Click to choose a template…
  4. Review the webpage's information to see how it would appear on search engine

  5. Click Create to complete

  6. Your new webpage is now created and you will be redirected to Editor

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Our goals focus on providing a set of tools, make it easier to change, help you save time and money to evolve your business

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