Version 1.7 - Updated 3 months ago

A beautiful, 2-columns responsive blogging site


Changes history

1.7 — 3 months ago: Update Hero item using sublist

1.0 — 5 months ago: Publish to appstore

1.1 — 5 months ago: Add more demo images

1.2 — 5 months ago: update content database

1.3 — 5 months ago: - Added About page - Added Contact page - Added Details description - Improve font and image sizes on mobile

1.4 — 5 months ago: Added post views, and popular posts (Homepage)

1.5 — 5 months ago: update about and contact page

1.6 — 4 months ago: Update element and section positions

A blogging app, with minimal two-columns theme

Mulish is a minimal two-column blogging app. Perfect for personal or startup needs.

Pages included Home page, Category posts, Post item, About, and Contact


1. Beautiful, minimal design

Designed for your contents, with a minimal style, including tags, navigation for high discoverbility

2. Responsive design

Mulish works perfectly on all devices, adapting the layout to fit best with whatever screen size it's viewed on.

3. SEO friendly

We built Mulish with SEO best practices in mind, and a focus on fast page rendering.

4. Fully customization

It's easy to change colors, spacing, fonts, sizes etc. via a simple settings file – you don't even need to touch the code

Let's start building

We've learned that growing a successful business is hard, your idea needs to be flexible to evolve while lacking resources.

Our goals focus on providing a set of tools, make it easier to change, help you save time and money to evolve your business

  • Up to 2 projects
  • Up to 20 pages*
  • Up to 5000 monthly visits*
* quota for each projectGet started— it's free